Digital Images

The digital illustration on this page includes architectural rendering, 3D renderings, and a televised news graphic. See digital art broadcast for Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

Joe's Fish Parts Bait Shop Joe's Fish Parts Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Tap for More Tomatoes!
Earth Summit News Graphic Earth Summit Tap for More News Images
Art Studio Left View Art Studio Left View Architectural Graphics. Tap for Animation!
Art Studio Right View Art Studio Right View Architectural Images. Tap for Interactive!
Lab Scene Lab Scene Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Tap for More Tomatoes!
3D Butterfly Fish Butterfly Fish 3D Rendering. Tap to See Swimming Fish!
Scroll: 3D Graphic Historical Scroll 3D Rendered. Tap for Interactive!
3D Bible Bible 3D Design. Tap to See Animation!

Information About the Graphics

Art Studio

Seven Thunder Software modeled the art studio and easle from actual objects. Seven Thunder Software measured a studio apartment and easle for accurate rendering with 3DS Max. The Art studio animation walk through uses a unique method to loop.

Earth Summit

The Earth Summit graphic was prepared for broadcast news with Quantel Paintbox. Paintbox is similar to Photoshop.

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

Joes Fish Parts and Lab Scene were broadcast backgrounds for the animated cartoon Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.


The Bible image displays two end points prepared for a morphing animation. The Bible animation opens and closes the Bible. The top image shows the Bible closed. The bottom image shows the Bible opened. The picture on the right page of the open Bible is an original oil painting titled Revelation Chapter 22.

Butterfly Fish and Scroll

The Butterfly fish and scroll were modeled and rendered with 3DS Max. Photoshop enhanced the rendered graphics.

3D Animation!

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