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Tap an image for 3D interactive logos, animated and interactive scenes from, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, and broadcast news graphics.


What are infographics? Infographics simply use pictures to describe information, such as charts, graphs, callouts with text, diagrams, technical illustration, scattergrams or other explanatory visual data.

Many 3D images and 2D images, at, describe features with images, as infographics. A large number of graphics, at, link to free tutorials to help readers learn even more.


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About the Graphics

See digital images, broadcast coast to coast, including Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and graphics for televised news. Also interact with 3D logos which move as you swipe.

Artwork was prepared with a number of software applications and technologies including Adobe Photoshop, Vista Tips, Adobe After Effects, 3ds Max, Quantel Paintbox, HTML5, JavaScript, WebGL, and GLSL shaders.

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