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Logo & Symbol Design

VFX with burning text and translucent overlays of color rendered from 3D models. Tap to see animated logos. Learn more about logos and symbols, below.

Signs Burning Visual Effect Burning Text Signs Visual Effect: Tap for Animation
Translucent Visual Effect Overcome Translucent Visual Effect: Tap for Animation

Logos with Visual Effects

VFX with burning text and translucent overlays of color created with 3ds Max, After Effects, Photoshop, ActionScript and Papervision 3D.

Logos and Symbols

Often the terms logo and symbol refer to two different aspects of a product's branding. Logo usually involves a brand's name in a specific font along with a standalone symbol. For example the Nike swoosh represents Nike apart from the text which says Nike. The swoosh alone is the symbol.

The best symbols provide quick brand recognition. The ideal symbol looks great in black and white reduced down to one half inch square. Prepare a color version as well, to grab attention. However black and white symbols work on packaging with limited color options. Successful products can omit both the logo text and color scheme yet people continue to recognize the brand by the symbol.


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