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Play free algebra games and read the online algebra textbook.

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Math is like a game. Follow the rules. Figure it out, and play to win!

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Algebra Games

Play free Algebra Math Mazes. Escape three dimensional maze games. Either find your way out on your own, or select the Q & A button. An algebra question then displays. Answer algebra questions correctly and your next step, out of the maze, lights up.

Help with Algebra Homework

Free tutorials at provide help with math problems. Tutorials start with algebra 1.

Select tutorial sections from the book's menu. So far topics include definitions, notation, addition, subtraction, multiplication with mononomials and polynomials, division with mononomials and polynomials. Some Algebra tutorials include word problems. When they do, the word problems correspond to the current topic. Learn to solve different types of algebraic expression. More tutorials should be coming soon.

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