Math Mark Game

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Play the Math Mark Game of concentration. Tap two cards to find matching images. Learn about mathematical symbols while playing.
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How to Play Math Mark

Enjoy playing Math Mark with 16 cards and 12 levels.

Select matching images. Tap two cards at a time. The cards turn over to display images. If the images match, your score increases. If the images don't match, the cards turn over. You'll only see the backs of the cards. Remember where images are located. Select cards with matching images, to increase your score.

Play Math Mark while learning about mathematical symbols such as factorial and theta.


Free, Math Mark, includes twelve levels. After completing a level, enter a user name and password, in the form above. Select the Post Score button above to place your score in the online scoreboard.

After completing a level select the Next Level button above, to play the next level. Higher levels are more difficult than lower levels.

To start over select the Reset button, below.

Game Play Problems

If alerts display telling you to enable cookies, then select your browser's settings options and enable JavaScript, cookies and local storage. Otherwise you can play the game, but your matches, score and level won't save on your phone, tablet or PC. Instead, post your score online, to save each level in the online hall of fame database.

Math Mark should run on iPhone, iPad, Androids, Windows phone, Windows PCs, Macintosh, Linux, UNIX, and any device with an HTML5 supported browser. Math Mark was implemented with HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, and CSS.

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