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Games for Learning

Find math games, technology games, coding mazes and one geography game.


Find free e-books, PDF downloads, plus Kindle books and online books. Topics include math books, WebGL software development books and one children's book.


Learn to code with free tutorials. Find Web development tutorials including JavaScript and HTML5. Find 3D Web development, WebGL tutorials, and some GLSL, for 3D programming.


Find graphics including infographics, 3D animation, illustration, animated GIFs and broadcast art for Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. Also see interactive 3D media online.

Interactive, animated and still graphics were prepared with 3ds Max, WebGL, JavaScript, Photoshop and After Effects.


Find the free 3D Translator Windows application. More apps for education coming soon.

Ebook Publishing

Books for Amazon Kindle, free ebook downloads, plus read books online free.

Motion Graphic Design

After Effects animation videos created for games, html5 Web projects, and 3D modeling projects.

Online Learning

Learn coding with free tutorials and math with free books online. Learn JavaScript, trigonometry, algebra and a little geography with free games online.

3D Development

Learn how to create a 3D Website. Learn WebGL.

Webpage Development

See a set of Web projects and read associated tutorials.


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