Web Design with Sound

Enjoy Web design examples and tutorials with sound effects, voice, music, and interactive audio. For an overview of audio with HTML5 see Online Sound Effects and Music below.

Audio Tutorials

Online Sound Effects and Music

HTML5 offers the most accessible technology available. Play music, sound effects, and speech, on a range of devices including Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry, as well as Windows PCs and Macintosh computers with HTML5 enabled browsers.

Music, sound effects, and speech create rich interactive experiences for Web visitors. Music alone can set the mood.

Play sound with video files using the HTML5 video tag, or audio alone with the HTML5 audio tag. Either assign the autoplay property or use JavaScript to play music and sound effects with code. Some mobile devices, such as iPhone, require user interaction to activate video and audio. Tutorials on this Web page provide more details regarding audio files. For more information, see examples and read free tutorials at the Interactive Web Tutorials page on this site.

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